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Our goal is a beautiful functional design and a client who is delighted at the outcome.



We can transform a single room or your entire home. Keeping in mind your tastes, needs, budget and the style of your house we’ll develop a comprehensive vision. Details include paint colors, fabrics, wall paper, new furnishings and incorporation of those pieces you want to keep.

before - morning

after - afternoon


Are you embarking on a kitchen/bath remodel or an entire house construction project?  fix interiors works with architects, contractors and finishers to create an interior that is beautiful, functional and perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Our expert advice on flooring, tile, lighting, and cabinetry helps give your finished project a consistent look. 


We can dramatically transform your home, in just one day, by editing and rearranging what you already have. With an eye towards balance, texture, scale, and color, a redesign session rearranges your best elements into a fresh new look/statement.



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